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4 Road Trip Essentials

Some of my favourite memories are from road trips. Over the years, I have taken a lot of different trips to different locations with different people. Some drives were short and only a few hours long, and some were longer, even to the point of being a few days long. It seems like road trips… Continue reading 4 Road Trip Essentials

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Camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Ian and I recently got back from our first week of holidays this year. We set up our tent for a week of camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park near the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border. We hadn't heard much about this campground but decided to give it a whirl after our first choice was all… Continue reading Camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park

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Clip ‘n Climb YXE

My sister and I spent time in Calgary during the summer when we were younger. We would stay with my grandparents and we had some favourite places that we would visit regularly. Some I still go to once in awhile,  like the zoo and Heritage Park. Others don't exist anymore, like Easy Street. That was… Continue reading Clip ‘n Climb YXE

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Giving Back: Good Earth Coffeehouse

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is hearing about all the companies that are giving back, especially when it's directed towards local programs and charities. For the past 20 years, Good Earth Coffeehouse has been doing just that with their annual Gingerbread Family campaign. First opened in 1991 in Calgary, they have… Continue reading Giving Back: Good Earth Coffeehouse

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Taking the Plunge with Easter Seals

This post has been over two years in the making, and I'm so excited to share with you an AMAZING experience that I recently had. Since 2005 individuals across Canada have been raising money to send children to Camp Easter Seals, which is a fully accessible camp with fourteen locations across Canada. Anyone who reaches… Continue reading Taking the Plunge with Easter Seals

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Getting Pampered with Hand & Stone

Life got a bit crazy, very fast. If you've been around here for awhile you have probably heard mention about us listing our condo for sale. Well, we listed it and five days later we had an offer. We countered, they accepted, and that's it. Our first home together sold on July 3rd, with conditions… Continue reading Getting Pampered with Hand & Stone

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Adventures with Treeosix

Simply put, I love adventure. I don't know exactly when it started or why it is, but I'm always looking forward to the next "big thing". There is no better feeling than the butterflies you get before doing something that scares you or the discovery of what is hiding off the beaten path. Life is… Continue reading Adventures with Treeosix

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Canada Screams for Ice Cream & a Giveaway!

A number of months ago I was enjoying a nice, relaxing Saturday at home. I had just dished myself a few scoops of ice cream (purchased from Sobeys, of course) and I was excited to settle in and enjoy it. I did a combination of Strawberry and Oreo since that was much easier than having… Continue reading Canada Screams for Ice Cream & a Giveaway!

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Let’s Taco ‘Bout It, Saskatoon

A few weeks ago I made tacos for supper..on a Wednesday. There was something inherently wrong with that and it has bothered me ever since. Thankfully, on Tuesday, June 13th, I was able to correct this wrong in a big way. In February a tweet went out that caused quite a stir across Saskatoon, it… Continue reading Let’s Taco ‘Bout It, Saskatoon

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Dream Day 2016

First, there was Melody Runs Through It, followed shortly after by Conservation Runs Through It. Brighton Community has been getting their name out all year through different events. If you have read the previous posts you will already know that Brighton is going to be Saskatoon's newest community featuring wetlands, an outdoor amphitheatre and much more. Just… Continue reading Dream Day 2016

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Surfset YYC

I like having yearly bucket lists for myself. I find this helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something over the course of 12 months. One item on the list for this year was to try out at least 5 new types of fitness. I am happy to say, I just hit that magic number 5!… Continue reading Surfset YYC

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Conservation Runs Through It

Last month Ian and I attended an event called "Melody Runs Through It". It was put on by Dream Development as part of their campaign to raise awareness about Saskatoon's newest up-and-coming neighborhood, Brighton. They showcased some local talent and brought attention to one of the key features of Brighton, the outdoor amphitheater. You can learn… Continue reading Conservation Runs Through It

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Broadway Avenue Fit Fest

Broadway Avenue is going through some major construction this summer. The water and sewer mains were installed between 1908 and 1912 and while some replacement was done in 1956, the water mains at the intersections were not. Water main breaks have been becoming more common and so the old ones are finally being replaced. They expect construction… Continue reading Broadway Avenue Fit Fest

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Aerial Hoop

Last year I did something completely out of the norm for me and signed up for aerial hammock. I hadn't done group fitness before and it was a brand new experience for me. I took the 6-week session at Club Mynx here in Saskatoon and loved it. I was into fitness before trying the hammock, but… Continue reading Aerial Hoop

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Saskatchewan Marathon 2016 & Fitness Update

This past weekend was the 38th Annual Potash Corp Saskatchewan Marathon and the second one that I have taken part in. Last year this was my first EVER 5k and I earned my first medal.  This year it is officially my twelfth 5k. There were over 4000 participants between the full and half marathons and 10k… Continue reading Saskatchewan Marathon 2016 & Fitness Update

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Melody Runs Through It

The other week Ian and I were driving out to our favourite restaurant, Pink Cadillac's. Rather than driving through the city, we head towards the highway to avoid some of the lights. As we were driving I looked at my window and started seeing all sorts of signs for Saskatoon's next community, Brighton. Future home… Continue reading Melody Runs Through It

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First Thoughts on Orangetheory Fitness

I'm in all sorts of pain as I sit here writing this. Don't worry, it's the good kind of pain. The kind of pain you get when you know you've had a successful workout and can feel yourself getting more fit. The best kind of pain there is. This pain I'm referring too has been… Continue reading First Thoughts on Orangetheory Fitness

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Girls Night Out

I've always said that food is where I most struggle with having a healthy life. I have no issues with being active and have come to really love fitness in various forms. I recently found out about an event through New Balance that I just knew I had to attend. Keep on reading to find… Continue reading Girls Night Out

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Orange is the New Workout

I often end up feeling like I'm at a stalemate with my weight loss and fitness regime. I've said this before in my monthly fitness updates and lately, I've been trying different types of fitness to mix it up a bit. The only issue with that is that classes happen once a week, which still… Continue reading Orange is the New Workout

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Aerial Hammock

You might have noticed that I didn't post a fitness update after July. Quite frankly, I didn't have anything to say. DietBet ended and I was at a standstill. Life was going on as normal, I was going to the gym, I was eating my regular meals, but nothing was changing. It probably would have… Continue reading Aerial Hammock

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Color Me Rad

When I first started running at the beginning of 2015, I decided I wanted to run in Color Me Rad. This led to me also signing up for Saskatchewan Marathon and Mogathon, which I have already written about. Color Me Rad is one race that I had always looked at Facebook pictures and always felt… Continue reading Color Me Rad

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Saskatchewan Badlands

I've been chronicling our recent holiday, and we are now heading towards our last stop, Coronach. Just to recap though, in case you missed the rest of the posts, we started off seeing the Sandhills & Cypress Hills, went ziplining, and then went to the West Block of the Grasslands. We woke up fairly early… Continue reading Saskatchewan Badlands

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Dinosaurs and Grasslands

Day one of our holiday in July started out with the Sandhills & Cypress Hills, and day two started out with ziplining in Cypress Hills. After ziplining we left Cypress Hills and started off towards the Grasslands. Our first stop along the way was to meet Scotty the T-Rex at Eastend. Our first stop along the… Continue reading Dinosaurs and Grasslands

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Sandhills & Cypress Hills

I already talked about our adventure ziplining in Cypress Hills, but now it's time to talk about the part of the trip that leads up to that. When we decided to head South West I started doing research about that area of Saskatchewan. I knew there would be tons of interesting things to see, and boy,… Continue reading Sandhills & Cypress Hills

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Cypress Hills Eco-Adventure

Ian and I took a camping trip down to South West Saskatchewan during the first week of July. I have SO much to report on from that trip. We did some activities, exploring, tours, and some relaxing. I will be doing various reports over the next couple of weeks, but I'm going to start with… Continue reading Cypress Hills Eco-Adventure

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Mogathon 2015

On Sunday, June 14th, I ran the 5K in Mogathon. Moga Mobile, which is the exclusive retailer for Fido in the Midwest region, is the major sponsor of the run. This is an annual run that was created in Saskatoon, for Saskatoon people. Mogathon has all sorts of events for all sorts of people! The… Continue reading Mogathon 2015

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Saskatchewan Marathon 2015

The Saskatchewan Marathon is now in its 37th year. They offer a Marathon, Half-Marathon, GoodLife Fitness 10K, 5K and a Marafun for kids. The Saskatchewan Marathon is sanctioned by Sask Athletics and is also a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. This year saw somewhere between 3000-4000 participants between all the different run lengths! I decided… Continue reading Saskatchewan Marathon 2015

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Two Fifty Two Boutique

The Beginning Two Fifty Two Boutique opened in August of 2014 and is owned and operated by the father-daughter duo, Barry and Mackenzie Firby in the University Heights neighbourhood. While travelling around the world, Mackenzie found some amazing clothing and purses that caused envy among her friends and family. It was at this time that she realized just what… Continue reading Two Fifty Two Boutique

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I remember..

For as long as I can remember, I have been going to Calgary on an almost yearly basis. Growing up, my family would either go out there for a visit in the summer or over Christmas. Calgary is where my mom grew up, and where that whole side of the family remains. Some have come… Continue reading I remember..

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Pink Cadillacs Saskatoon

Pink Cadillacs is fairly new to the thriving restaurant scene in Saskatoon. While many of the new restaurants seem to be sticking to the downtown core and focusing on pub food Pink Cadillacs has gone a completely different direction. They are in the residential neighbourhood of Willowgrove situated on the main floor of what will be… Continue reading Pink Cadillacs Saskatoon