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4 Road Trip Essentials

Some of my favourite memories are from road trips. Over the years, I have taken a lot of different trips to different locations with different people. Some drives were short and only a few hours long, and some were longer, even to the point of being a few days long. It seems like road trips… Continue reading 4 Road Trip Essentials

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Camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Ian and I recently got back from our first week of holidays this year. We set up our tent for a week of camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park near the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border. We hadn't heard much about this campground but decided to give it a whirl after our first choice was all… Continue reading Camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park

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Adventures with Treeosix

Simply put, I love adventure. I don't know exactly when it started or why it is, but I'm always looking forward to the next "big thing". There is no better feeling than the butterflies you get before doing something that scares you or the discovery of what is hiding off the beaten path. Life is… Continue reading Adventures with Treeosix

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Saskatchewan Badlands

I've been chronicling our recent holiday, and we are now heading towards our last stop, Coronach. Just to recap though, in case you missed the rest of the posts, we started off seeing the Sandhills & Cypress Hills, went ziplining, and then went to the West Block of the Grasslands. We woke up fairly early… Continue reading Saskatchewan Badlands

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Dinosaurs and Grasslands

Day one of our holiday in July started out with the Sandhills & Cypress Hills, and day two started out with ziplining in Cypress Hills. After ziplining we left Cypress Hills and started off towards the Grasslands. Our first stop along the way was to meet Scotty the T-Rex at Eastend. Our first stop along the… Continue reading Dinosaurs and Grasslands

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Sandhills & Cypress Hills

I already talked about our adventure ziplining in Cypress Hills, but now it's time to talk about the part of the trip that leads up to that. When we decided to head South West I started doing research about that area of Saskatchewan. I knew there would be tons of interesting things to see, and boy,… Continue reading Sandhills & Cypress Hills

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Cypress Hills Eco-Adventure

Ian and I took a camping trip down to South West Saskatchewan during the first week of July. I have SO much to report on from that trip. We did some activities, exploring, tours, and some relaxing. I will be doing various reports over the next couple of weeks, but I'm going to start with… Continue reading Cypress Hills Eco-Adventure