No Spend Year 2018

6 Ways to Avoid Spending Money

Throughout this year I have been giving different tips on how to go through a no/low spend year. I've talked about determining your priorities, how to identify if something is a "need" or just a "want" along with some other money-saving tips. Today, I wanted to take some time to share six tips I have… Continue reading 6 Ways to Avoid Spending Money

No Spend Year 2018

What I Spent Money on from January-June

A big reason I am writing about my No Spend Year is to help keep me accountable. When I have my readers (however many of you there are) to answer to, I'm more likely to stick to my goals. So, for the purpose of full transparency, I wanted to share with you what I have… Continue reading What I Spent Money on from January-June

No Spend Year 2018

5 Things I Continue to Spend Money On

If you've been around here for awhile, you'll know that I'm currently participating in a No Spend Year. I decided to do this for 2018 because I realized that I was spending money frivolously and needlessly. I was buying things that I didn't need, and spending money on items that I didn't really care about. I… Continue reading 5 Things I Continue to Spend Money On

Goals, Life

Q1 Goals: A Recap

In an effort to change up my goal-making this year, I decided to focus on quarterly goals rather than monthly. It's crazy to think that the first quarter of this year is already coming to a close. This first quarter was all about "A Fresh Start" and kicking the year off right so that I… Continue reading Q1 Goals: A Recap

No Spend Year 2018

No Spend Year 2018: Shopping

Disclaimer: In 2018 I am following a No Spend. This means that I am focusing on saving money and not spending on any frivolous or unnecessary items. A No Spend can look different for every person, depending on what their goals are. Through this series of monthly posts, I am sharing my tips and tricks… Continue reading No Spend Year 2018: Shopping